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Thank you for registering in the Ankeny Centennial Basketball Club!  


What is Due NOW?

If you are on the site prior to Tryouts (if necessary) the only thing are REQUIRED to do at this time is to complete your registration, NO MONEY is due until tryouts are completed and teams are announced.  We are asking that you register your player now so we have a good head count for tryouts.

Returning Members: If you're a returning member please double check to make sure that all of your member information and contact methods are accurate and up to date.


Fee Structure Reminder

This season there will be an additional uniform fee where applicable.  Uniforms will be approximately $100.

  • 2nd Grade: $300.00
  • 3rd Grade: $350.00 (plus uniform fee)
  • 4th Grade: $400.00 (plus uniform fee)
  • 5th Grade - 7th Grade: $475.00 (plus uniform fee)
  • 8th Grade: $400.00

Fee must be paid by 9/1/2018.  This date will allow you to attend tryouts and see which team you make prior to paying the fees and ordering your uniform.


If you experience any issues during the registration process, or have questions, please contact us immediately @ acbasketballclub@gmail.com. 
Thank you!