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5th Annual Ankeny Centennial Classic

Presented by Iowa Gym Rats and 515 Hoops

3rd-8th Grade Boys & Girls

January 28, 2023 (primarily Boys), January 29, 2023 (primarily Girls)

Kingdom Hoops (Des Moines), Prairie Trail Fieldhouse (Ankeny) and 515 Fieldhouse (Grimes)

General Guidelines

  • Seating is available at each location. Please do not bring your own chairs or seating.
  • Teams will provide their own warm-up balls.
  • Covid-19 Guidelines, if necessary or appropriate at this stage, for players, coaches and spectators will follow the current IHSAA and IGHSAU standard at the time of the event.


  • $185 per team, 3-game guarantee
  • Depending on registration, older boys grades may play Sunday
  • Register at https://tourneymachine.com/Public/Results/Tournament.aspx?IDTournament=h20220823210946387716fbaa7a5724f
  • If paying by check, send payment to Gym Rats


Rules of the Game

  • Home team is listed first on the schedule (light jerseys if available)
  • Each team MUST provide one adult scorekeeper/clock operator for their games. The scorekeeper will receive free admission to the event.
  • Two 18-minute halves, 2 minutes for halftime
  • Continuous clock until the final two minutes of the game (Clock will run if point differential is +15)
  • 3 – 45 second time outs per game. Clock stops during all time outs.
  • Overtime – 1 minute (clock will stop). If a second overtime is played, this game will be sudden death (first team to score wins). One time out per team in overtime
  • 3 point shot scored in all divisions
  • All grades will use 28.5″ ball
  • Full court press allowed UNLESS team ahead by 15 or more points (See 3rd/4th grade specific rules below)
  • Players must be all in same grade level or below
  • Players must be from the same high school feeder, no all-star teams
  • Players may play on only one team per age group/division
  • If a team uses an ineligible player, ALL past games are forfeited that they played
  • 10′ hoops for all divisions
  • Games will start on time or up to 5 minutes early if running ahead of schedule
  • Should a coach or player receive 2 technical fouls in a game he/she will leave the gym and lose the privilege of participating in the tournament
  • All rules not covered here will follow the Iowa High School Athletic Association and the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union (IHSAA & IGHSAU)
  • 3rd and 4th grade rules only
    – No zone defense — double teaming, help defense IS allowed
    – No full court press allowed except for the last 5 minutes of the game and during one minute of overtime
  • Stealing allowed at half court

Tournament/Pool Play

  1. All divisions will play an 8-team championship/consolation bracket. If a division does not have 8 teams, pool play will be used and may include a championship round. Pool play tiebreakers are listed below.
  2. Win/Loss record
  3. Head to head
  4. Points differential (Max +15, Min -15)
  5. Points allowed
  6. Coin flip


1st and 2nd place in each bracket

Additional Information

–– All fans, coaches, and players are responsible for displaying good sportsmanship, which includes respect for the officials. We have a zero tolerance policy for poor sportsmanship. Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their players and fans.

– Ankeny Centennial Basketball Club reserves the right to modify schedule in case of inclement weather.

Ankeny Centennial Basketball Club reserves the right to qualify the rules at the tournament at their discretion.