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Limited practices resume next week
by posted 11/27/2020


Thank you for your patience as we navigate this season and the challenges that Covid-19 presents for our basketball activities. We've been working with Kingdom Hoops over the past week to determine a way for our athletes to get back in the gym on a limited basis. Based on the current guidelines from the Governor and restrictions at Kingdom, we've come up with a schedule that will give each team one hour of gym time each week. This gym time will be used exclusively for individual drills and will place a limit of less than 10 athletes on each court at a time. We will strictly enfore social distancing while in the gym and there will be no player-to-player contact drills. Coaches will be required to wear a mask at all times. Players will be required to wear a mask into and out of the facility and may only remove the mask when practice/skills begin.

Below is the modified practice schedule for the next two weeks. The Governor's current proclamation ends December 10th and we will hopefully be back to full practice the week after that. Until then, all games and tournaments remain cancelled. 

Tuesday, December 1st and 8th

4 pm-5 pm: Boys 2nd Black (Court 1), Boys 2nd Silver (Court 2)

5 pm-6 pm: Boys 3rd Black (Court 1), Boys 3rd Silver (Court 2), Boys 3rd Maroon (Court 3)

6 pm-7 pm: Boys 5th Black (Court 1), Boys 5th Silver (Court 2), Boys 4th Black (Court 3), Boys 4th Silver (Court 4)

7 pm-8 pm: Boys 6th Black (Court 1), Boys 6th Silver (Court 2), Boys 6th Maroon (Court 3), Boys 6th White (Court 4)

8 pm-9 pm: Girls 7th Black (Court 1), Girls 7th Silver (Court 2), Boys 7th Black (Court 3), Boys 7th Silver (Court 4)

Wednesdays, December 2nd and 9th

4 pm-5 pm: Girls 2nd Black (Court 1), Girls 2nd Silver (Court 2)

5 pm-6 pm: Girls 3rd Black (Court 1), Girls 3rd Silver (Court 2), Boys 3rd White (Court 3)

6 pm-7 pm: Girls 4th Black (Court 1), Girls 4th Silver (Court 2), Girls 4th Maroon (Court 3), Boys 4th Maroon (Court 4)

7 pm-8 pm: Girls 5th Black (Court 1), Girls 5th Silver (Court 2), Girls 5th Maroon (Court 3), Girls 6th (Court 4)

8 pm-9 pm: Boys 8th Black (Court 1), Boys 8th Silver (Court 2), Boys 7th Grey (Court 3), Boys 7th White (Court 4)

If you have any questions about the schedule or our plans moving forward, please don't hestitate to contact myself or another member of the Board. Have a good Holiday weekend.

Joshua Porter, ACBC Boys President

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